Our Colouring Activities for Customers with Dementia

We provide a vast range of activities for people living with dementia in our three wellbeing centres in North Tyneside.

They are located in:

  • Wallsend
  • North Shields
  • Killingworth

It’s a great activity for people of all ages and abilities.

EveryDay Wellbeing provides varied daily activities for those living with dementia. Sometimes it can be hard to gauge which memories and abilities they have retained as they unfortunately progress through the disease.

We absolutely avoid putting them in a situation where they might feel that they have failed, become confused or distressed.

Our activity is also an excellent for people with dementia.

Colouring has long been considered to be a therapeutic activity, again for people of all ages, young and young at heart. Colouring is also known to reduce and relieve stress, and it improves hand-eye co-ordination. Our customers enjoy colouring in company and it sparks conversation as well as being calming and relaxing.

When introducing an activity like colouring, we take a few things into consideration. Some of our older customers have never learned how to relax in their younger years. They might have had a hard time dealing with the concept of even retiring, or with letting others do things for them.

Our choice of age-related materials

Before we get down to the activity of colouring, there are a couple of things we consider. The first one is the type of material being coloured. We don’t use children’s colouring books. Some customers may initially consider colouring to be patronising as it is.

Tools for the job at hand

The second are the actual tools used for colouring. We use a combination of colouring pencils and felt tipped markers. Some older customers consider wax crayons to be childish. Bright colours are essentials ‘tools of the trade’.

Colouing with dementia

We regularly colour with our customers who are living with dementia

Intergenerational Activities

We find colouring is great for intergenerational activities. In fact, a customer that may not show any interest in colouring on their own may be more than willing to colour with younger people. We sit with them and colour while we all chat and relax. Often we find that we start off by colouring alone and they then join us.

Our non-pharmcalogical approach to dementia

Colouring like anything to do with the arts provides a non-pharmacalogical approach to dementia which promotes inclusion, can help to alleviate anxiety and confusion, enhance cognition and build confidence.

Our customers have an opportunity for creative self-expression whilst giving their carer the chance to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Our wellbeing day care & respite packages

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