Admiral Nurses making a real difference to lives in North Tyneside

At our Dementia Service launch Susan approached Age UK North Tyneside’s Senior Admiral Nurse Rachel Watson to ask if she could visit to help support her in caring for her husband who had a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Our Admiral Nurse visited Susan and Peter and discussed some of the challenges they both faced.

Admiral Nurses provide practical support to those living with dementia

Susan was so pleased with the help she received from Rachel that she wrote to Hilda Hayo Chief Admiral Nurse and Dementia UK (our partners) saying, ‘ … Peter and I have had two sessions with Rachel and I felt I must write to let you know how helpful and supportive I have found these meetings. Before and since Peter’s diagnosis, I have met with many support workers and although some of these sessions have seemed useful there is never any continuity and I find this extremely frustrating at the least.

When Rachel arrived she brought experience, understanding, common sense, humour and TIME which I appreciated more than words can say. As the chief Admiral Nurse I wanted you to know how much she is valued and to express an earnest hope that more such nurses can be trained to offer support and hope to families like ours.’

Admiral Nurses build relationships with their customers

Susan and Rachel have continued to meet on a regular basis to look for practical solutions to some of the daily challenges Peter’s dementia brings. Rachel has offered Susan the chance to talk about the changes in their relationship and home life due to dementia, whilst also helping her to navigate her way around other services such as day care and respite.

Admiral Nurses offer time and understanding

Susan once again wrote to Hilda Hayo,

‘Since [last summer] Rachel has been a tower of strength in supporting Peter and myself as we continue to struggle … Rachel has taken time and some considerable effort to get to know us both and to help us in more ways than you can imagine.

This week I am enjoying a respite break whilst Peter is in a marvellous dementia facility in Wallsend. On Monday when it was arranged for him to go, Rachel persevered for more than an hour as she persuaded Peter to take what for him was a giant leap into the unknown. She spent at least five minutes sitting at the bottom of our stairs trying to help Peter fasten his shoelaces which were frustrating him.

I am spreading the word about your organisation whenever I get the opportunity and hope and pray that Rachel receives the funding to continue her fantastic work and that more nurse can be found.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I mean every word from the bottom of my heart’.

Admiral Nurses offer ongoing support

As Peter’s dementia has brought more challenges for Susan Rachel has continued to offer support and advice. Peter has now moved into a care home and Rachel is helping Susan to come to terms with the change to her life and Peter’s, and re-adjust to a new way of living.

Admiral Nurses provide emotional, practical and educational support to families who are supporting a person with dementia. Our service is available for families at any stage of the dementia journey who are facing challenges in caring for their relative or friend.

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