EveryDay Achieves Gold Award

We’ve now officially received notification that we have achieved the Gold Level of the Better Health at Work Award.

This is a great achievement for the Group and Angela Dawson, Head of Corporate Support would like to personally thank everyone involved who has either taken part in or shared our campaigns, activities and promotions, but in particular our Health Advocates, Suzanne Enguita, Harriet Ingram, Leah Phillips and Caitlin Calvert,  whom without their commitment and support this would not have been possible.


The Group is not stopping there.

We are now working towards the next level of the Award which is CONTINUING EXCELLENCE.  This means we will be building on our work to date to ensure that we keep the momentum going and further promote a healthy place to work.


Look out for what is on the horizon for us all in 2020.

Some of the campaigns we focused on during October 2019 and December 2019 were:

Getting fit and staying healthy

  • Promotion of Waves Health Walk
  • Promotion of our Strength & Balances exercise classes
  • Promotion of the Park Run for Parkinson’s in which our Customer Services & Marketing Manager and her husband took part.
  • Promotion of our Seated Exercise activities run by our volunteer, Bob Carpenter.

Health & Wellbeing

  • Jarretts at the Bradbury Centre became an official ‘Refill Station’ to encourage staff, volunteers and customers to maintain hydration levels – anyone can bring their own bottle for a refill free of charge at Age UK North Tyneside.
  • National Stress Awareness Day with Stress Awareness Spaces so staff and volunteers could visit and share their thoughts and feelings about what they do when they encourage people to be open about their mental health and to ask for support if required.
  • Promotion of ‘How to talk about suicide sensitively’ as part of World Mental Health Day.
  • Learning how to ‘declutter your mind’ with some useful tips for distressing.
  • Promotion of free benefit checks for people 50+ to ease the winter heating bills.
  • Alcohol Awareness – promoting the dangers of drinking too much particularly during the festive holidays with a lead up to Dry January 2020.
  • Diabetes and Your Risks – training for staff to raise awareness to help understand what people are going through who suffer with diabetes.

Women’s Health

  • Wear it Pink Day to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • A number of visits across 3 sites from the Sexual Health Clinic to Promotion of HIV testing and Sexual Awareness.

Winter Health

  • FREE flu jabs co-ordinated via our Training Suite when staff are attending training in conjunction with BOOTS in Whitley Bay so if you haven’t taken this up please contact your Line Manager to arrange this.
  • Promotion of the importance to take Vitamin D in the winter months to maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles.


The Key campaigns going forward into 2020 to achieve Continuing Excellence are:

  1. Exercise and Physical Activity
  2. Alcohol Awareness
  3. Woman’s Health
  4. Healthy Eating


As usual we love to receive your feedback or comments or suggestions on any of our promotions or campaigns to ensure the continued good health of our care professionals

Tel: 0191 2877011.



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