Change Is On The Horizon

We appreciate that it can feel overwhelming with so many changes and constant messages but let’s not forget how well we, as an organisation have done in keeping customers, staff, and volunteers safe. We feel that it’s only right that we ensure that all of our stakeholders remained informed at all times.

Ahead Of The Curve

We were ahead of the curve last week with the changes we announced which stood us in good stead for the changes the Government announced yesterday.

Public Health Monitoring

On a daily basis our Leadership Team is monitoring the number of C-19 cases across the North East. This means we can implement changes quickly and then cross-check our changes with those our local Director of Public Health or Government may announce at any one time.

We Remain Optimistic

We continue to be optimistic and responsive in these tough times. Winter is approaching which will be a challenging time for us all . We remain confident and proud that we will continue to support our older people no matter what.

Further Clarification

We wanted to therefore start by clarifying some of the messages from last week, and to encourage our stakeholders to seek further clarification if necessary. Tel: 0191 2877028 for our Customer Service Team.

Customer Service

To allow us to reach older people and their families who prefer to speak to us face to face, we continue to operate a “one in one out” system for customers at the Bradbury Centre. This does not include those customers where we directly provide their care .

Around 99% of our contact with customers is now being done over the telephone, by video and other digital means and therefore numbers will be low for those needing us face to face.

We have implemented, and continue to monitor, all of the controls we feel are necessary to keep all of us safe.


We are committed to consulting with all of our stakeholders regularly to understand what additional steps we need to take on this journey but we must continue to be available for those in greatest need.

The Customer Service Team are doing a fantastic job at managing access to our services and their triaging statistics are outstanding. They deal with over 70% of calls/walk-ins themselves without having to refer to other services.

Some team members are working from home currently. This does not apply to essential workers like our care teams, where we will continue to manage the risk differently. In reality, our care staff predominantly work in their local area and are not using public transport to a great extent.

Wellbeing Centres

We can continue to keep our Wellbeing Centres open. Public Health in North Tyneside is confident that the controls we have in place will continue to keep our customers and staff members safe.

Our team members in the Wellbeing Centres will be reminding customers about the new rules around socialising at home and in particular the potential risk if children are visiting now that they have returned to school.

Extra Care Housing Customers

Visiting in our Extra Care Housing Schemes is limited to “essential adult visitors” only. We have encouraged our Digital Champions in our Schemes to support customers to access technology more where they can. We are conscious as winter approaches that we need to try to offer different ways for families to remain connected.

Phase 3 and preparing for Phase 4 after Lockdown

We are preparing for Phase 4 which will commence on 1 October 2020. We have engaged and consulted with all of our customers during Phase 2 and 3. We are now reviewing services and preparing to implement changes from 1 October 2020 as we plan to continue to provide services in the new world.

Neighbourhood Network

We are keen to start implementing our Locality Plans and most importantly our plans for a Neighbourhood Network.

The Neighbourhood Network will involve the recruitment of Volunteer Ambassadors who will keep an eye on their older neighbours. These Ambassadors will develop a working relationship with our own key staff in localities and can support them to support their older neighbours. This network should allow us to reach more older people and help them make more of life.

Unpaid Carers

Caring for someone can be especially challenging during these difficult times. We are supporting Carers UK who are repeating their survey aimed at evidence gathering from carers .They are building on the one first in April. This had a really good impact in terms of awareness, but getting to hear about change that carers see in their every-day life is becoming even more challenging.

The opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings is a short one. The survey closes on Sunday 27 September, the link to the survey is .

Please complete the survey if you can, especially if you took part the first time. This information is invaluable to providing unpaid carers with the support they need.

Useful information

For anyone who wants to review the changes for North Tyneside and Newcastle announced this week around C19 or just a good refresh of the rules here are the links to the respective websites.

Our Customer Service Team is able to take your call, give us a ring Telephone 0191 2877028 for advice, information or further clarification .

Stay safe.

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