COVID-19 Response Update

A message from Dawn McNally, Group Chief Executive.

It’s good news that I have very little to report today, most importantly that our “essential” care services continue without any disruption. The EveryDay Care teams continue to do a fantastic job.

Website & Media Updates

Please check our website and encourage friends and family members to do the same as there are lots of different activities that you and our customers could be doing whilst we’re in the ongoing lockdown situation.

In addition our social media platforms are working well for us with key partners liking and sharing our news constantly.

No Reported COVID-19 Cases

I am delighted to report that we still have no customers reporting COVID-19 symptoms which is testament to the procedures and processes already in place to combat every eventuality, even a pandemic of this magnitude.

Essential Services

For our key worker care teams in the community we are today trying to get confirmation from North Tyneside and Newcastle City Councils that they will supply us with a letter confirming our care service is “essential”.

Unfortunately some of our key worker staff have been stopped by the Police who have asked for confirmation of their necessity to be ‘on the road’.

EveryDay Care team members should have their ID with them at all times in addition their managers will supply them with a sign for either their vehicle or to carry about their person with our Head of Professional Care services Kerry Parker’s mobile number which they can share with the Police if challenged.

PPE Update

Sadly there is no sign of the delivery of face masks. Be assured that we are chasing the supply chain.

As necessity is the ‘mother of invention’ we have made over 750 face masks in house to date. We have 400 in stock and materials to make a further 400 if necessary, so as you’d expect we are well prepared.

Telephone Befriending Goes Live

We have launched the Telephone Befriending Service and we are now receiving referrals.

Our Customer Service team will continue to triage enquiries and pass these to our Volunteering team.

The main contact number to access this service is 0191 2808484.

Our 40 existing charity Befriending volunteers continue to support our existing customers, and we have 10 new COVID 19 volunteers on the telephones with a further 77 volunteers in the process of being checked and trained to support older customers over the telephone.

The numbers are staggering and include volunteers from Accenture based at the Cobalt Industrial Estate. Our charity Volunteering team is supporting this service and we hope that in the future the friendships made during COVID-19 will be sustained.

Customer Service Update

Our Customer Service team has offered advice and guidance to some 100+, often distressed, older people, and demand for our shopping service is strong.

Our website is updated very regularly as are all of our social media platforms so we can direct customers online if needs be.


Please be assured that during COVID-19 lockdown our Customer Service team is available over 7 days 10am to 3pm

Tel 0191 2808484.

Until tomorrow, stay safe everyone


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