Customer Satisfaction Survey for EveryDay Care & Support 2019-2020


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is defined as a measurement that determines how happy customers are with a company’s products, services, and capabilities.

Customer satisfaction information, including surveys and ratings, can help a company determine how to best improve or change its products and services and that’s exactly what EveryDay Care & Support does on an annual basis.

Regular Customer Service Evaluations

This in addition to on-going six and twelve month customer service reviews and the capture of regular feedback from customers as well as our own team and external partners.

Holistic & Innovate care provision

EveryDay Care & Support prides itself on its holistic and innovative care provision in North Tyneside and Newcastle. We never compromise on care provision and we deliver an empathetic and honest service to our customers, their carers and families.

Our annual customer satisfaction survey is provided to each and every customer regardless of which EveryDay Care & Support service they take advantage of. This includes Living, Wellbeing, Home Care and Extra Care.

The overall outcome of the Customer Satisfaction Survey questionnaire showed that:

  • 84% of our customers feel our service is well led (slightly down from 85% in 2019)
  • 97% of our customers feel our service is effective (up from 94% in 2019)
  • 96% of our customers feel our service is responsive (up from 76% in 2019)
  • 98% of our customers say our staff are caring (up from 96% in 2019)
  • 96% of our customers feel the service we provide is safe (up from 91% in 2019)

We believe that there is always room for improvement and as a caring, supportive provider, one who constantly strives for excellence in what we do we’ll work on improving our outcomes in 2021.

The percentages are one thing but the feedback and the comments we received as part of the annual evaluation exercise assure us that our customers appreciate our provision and the care team who deliver their service.

With comments like these, we know we’re getting EveryDay Care & Support’s provision right!

 Linskill Park Wellbeing Centre (supports families who are living with dementia)

“I firmly believe that without Janice and the staff at Linskill Park mum would have deteriorated a lot faster.  They have been a great support to me as mum’s lone carer.  I thank them all so much for everything.  From the moment she is dropped off I know she is in the safest of hands and so happy attending.  Excellent service, great staff, so happy to have mum going there.  Thank you all!”

Rowan Croft Wellbeing Centre

“Dad is very independent in a lot of things, reluctant for help but manages really well.  Peace of mind that he is within company, socialising and getting fed well.  The staff keep him right with his iPhone which he uses a lot and we aren’t always on hand to help him with, so that is comforting.  We know Dad isn’t always keen for activities or to join in with a lot of things going on but we know he is happy to go and enjoys his time spent.”

Cedar Grove Wellbeing Centre

“Very friendly and support me so well. Staff are amazing and make me feel safe.  They respect my dignity at all times”

 100% of our wellbeing centre customers said yes to 11 customer satisfaction survey questions.


EveryDay Living (provides support in and around the home, shopping, domestic chores and carer relief)

  • 99% of our customers said they were happy with their service
  • 96% of our customers felt the service met their needs

With these scores we’ll aim to meet 100% of our customer’s aspirations in 2021.

We provide care and support within extra care housing across Newcastle and North Tyneside.

Our customers said:

Here at Fontburn Court the safety & welfare of residents takes priority.  It is, in my opinion, a first class operation and this is down to good care & practice procedures from the top level & within all departments.

The staff have gone the extra mile, I can’t fault them.

Always feel reassured Mum is well cared for and safe as always carers on site.  We are all very happy with the care mum receives.  She is settled and safe.

feel the care staff were amazing during COVID-19.  They did a brilliant job through such stressful times.

I know Dad’s looked after well and has a great team of carers

Care At Home

Like all of our amazing care team the pandemic has created additional pressures especially for those working extremely hard to deliver community care at home. The team have been incredible throughout, and continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safe care of their customers.

Our customers said:

  • Carers have been very good in these very difficult times.
  • I have only one carer, she is excellent. Service delivery during COVID-19 is no different from normal times, except for PPE.
  • I think of them as friends and I am always pleased to see them. Could not manage without their kindness and help.  The girls’ cheerfulness and help is something I look forward to each day.
  • Time to talk is very important and appreciated along with the practical support.
  • Very grateful for the service during lockdown as I wasn’t able to see family members.
  • Service delivery continues to be to a high standard.
  • The carers are cheerful, friendly, helpful and reliable

When asked the following, 100% of our care at home customers said YES

  • Do you feel that your care worker(s) have good care knowledge?
  • Do you feel that your care worker(s) are competent?
  • Do you feel that your care worker(s) are confident and experienced to provide a good service for you?
  • Do you feel that your care worker(s) promote your dignity and treats you with respect?
  • Are you satisfied with you care worker(s)?


EveryDay Care & Support is different, ask us why.

Do you need care and support now or in the future and want to put your trust in a care provider who truly delivers a caring, empathetic service to others? Put your trust in EveryDay Care & Support. We will look not only to meet but surpass customer’s expectation.

We would be delighted to talk to you about your care requirements for yourself or loved one. We can do that by telephone, live chat on our website or remotely via Zoom, Teams, Messenger or Whatsapp video call.


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