EveryDay Dementia Care: Specialist dementia support

We support people living with dementia, their carers and families, on every step of their dementia journey from pre-diagnosis to end of life care.

Our team of dementia specialists provide a comprehensive support service for people with dementia in their homes, in our Wellbeing Centres and in the wider community and care settings. We agree specific care and support plans which are appropriate to each individual’s need.

Our Personal Support Assistants are provided with enhanced dementia specific training and undertake clinical supervisions from our Admiral Nurse team.  Additional training includes a virtual dementia tour .

Through our 3D training course (covering depression, dementia and delirium developed to help our workforce understand the three conditions and how they can overlap for older people) we have acted on feedback from our care workforce and developed a reflective supervision programme led by our Admiral Nurses

Our Admiral Nurses are here to support families caring for someone with dementia from pre-diagnosis through to end-of-life care should they need it. The Admiral Nurse can support families during periods of change in the illness to help them gain the practical skills and ways of coping needed to care for someone with dementia. Our nurses work together with families to provide one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions they need to live more positively with dementia each and every day.

End of life care

Our Admiral Nurses can continue to support families as the person they care for nears the end of their life and also with feelings of loss and bereavement. We appreciate and understand the feelings carers may have at this time and are here to help.

Our highly-trained Home Care team also provide specialist end of life care at home.


How our Admiral Nurse Kirsty helped:

“ First impressions are vital, especially given the fear my parents and many people in distress feel. Kirsty arrived promptly , professional, respectful , and interested . She approached them so gently. They felt listened to and opened up. It wasn’t an easy discussion, all kinds of emotions were expressed. She quietly noted how they were in themselves, how they were living, and how the family dynamics worked. She quickly and sensitively pulled together an assessment with recommendations, explaining her role and what the service could offer. ”

“From then on Kirsty has walked with us all the way through, supporting, signposting and caring, making sure Dad has access to all the help he needs , and Mam , as his main carer has the support and information she needs . Kirsty has helped me to acknowledge the reality of being carer to them both, and provided us all with expert information, insights, and resources. She has liaised with the GP, Memory Clinic, Pharmacist and whoever else we have needed to work with . There are far too many examples of great practice to list here”.

“As a result my parents are still enjoying living in their own home. With Kirsty’s patient and subtle guidance we have adapted as a family in a way that keeps them where they want to be , both for now, and maybe for the longer term. We hope so. What we do know is we have support at each step along the way”.


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