Dementia Dolls Therapy

Life-like dolls have become an increasingly popular method of therapy for people living with dementia. Often provoking feelings of happiness amongst customer, the dolls act as a source of tranquillity helping to relieve feelings of anxiousness and distress. Research shows that the dolls can trigger positive memories usually relating to their youth, from their own childhood, to that of their own children and grandchildren.

Feelings of Purpose

Those living with dementia find comfort in this as the sense of parenthood tends to elicit feelings of purpose and social existence, things that often deteriorate due to loneliness and isolation. As a result, family members of these individuals commonly see improved signs of communication and interaction with loved ones, something that can be reduced amongst people living with the condition.

Energy and Positivity

We have recently implemented this programme here at EveryDay. Elizabeth, 82, was immediately drawn to the doll. The care team saw levels of energy and positivity they don’t often see in her due to her having Alzheimer’s. This demonstrated first-hand the positive effects these dolls can instantly have on the attitude of people as it immediately changed Elizabeth’s demeanour. Other objects such as dog or cat companions have also proven to work in the same nature as the dolls.

Wellbeing Centre Provision

All of our centres will be using dementia dolls due to the positive effects our customers have experienced. Our three wellbeing centres in Wallsend, Killingworth and North Shields aim to help people improve and maintain customer independence.

Activities range from:

  • Enjoying a healthy lunch
  • Socialising and taking part in varied activities
  • Relaxing or even gardening– in our landscaped, accessible gardens
  • Having a pamper – podiatry, hairdressing and assisted bathing or showering available
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy sessions
  • Exercise ‘snacking’ – with gentle chair based activities, tai chi and falls prevention exercises (to increase mobility and reduce falls)
  • Being empowered to live independently
  • Pop up music concerts
  • Pets as wellbeing ambassadors
  • Mini wellbeing checks
  • Personal driver service is available

This type of therapy has also proven to aid care providers delivering care at home packages as customers living with dementia tend to co-operate more voluntarily due to the distraction of the doll.

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