Performanc Update

We have reviewed our statistics and performance data for the previous week. There is no change to staff absence or customers with C-19 symptoms. Most importantly everyone continues to be vigilant as we continue to deliver vital services to our customers.

Wellbeing Centres

We are pleased to announce that the Wellbeing Centres will join the rest of the organisation in Phase 3 of the Exit Plan. They will re-open on 10 August 2020. We will be following strict new guidelines which include limiting customer numbers to 10 each day Monday to Friday.

Customer Consultation Exercise

As we move through Phase 3 of the Exit Plan we are recording a high number of customers returning questionnaires or simply taking the valuable opportunity to have their say in how their service might change to make it safe for them to return.

We still have until the end of this month to capture more information before we start working through any changes we may need to make.  This feedback is like gold dust and will allow us to tailor services further to meet customer needs and aspirations.

Headquarters Update

We will be announcing changes to the Bradbury Centre HQ next week, once the Leadership Team have finalised all plans and communicated with those on annual leave.

We will not be making wholesale changes as we must remember the Bradbury Centre, when it opens will be to deliver essential services only.

Concerned Callers

We have received several calls from older people about what to do about their TV Licence. We signpost callers to our Customer Service Team and share this link for more information

Welcome Back

Finally, welcome back to all staff returning from shielding. We hope that they do feel safe returning to their positions.

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