A message from our Chief Executive, Dawn McNally

Let me start by reminding you all what a fantastic job you have all done during the pandemic. I say that based on an excellent track record of controlling the virus and protecting customers, staff, and volunteers.

Staff absence remains stable. We’ve had no recorded customer deaths from C19 on our watch. When customers have returned from the hospital with C19 (the only time C19 has featured) into our Extra Care Housing Schemes, our care staff have managed to control the virus and support the customer back to good health.

Everyone one of you should be proud to be part of a fantastic organisation that has gone above and beyond to keep us all safe, an effort supported by each and every one of you.

Bradbury Centre HQ

The Bradbury Centre remains closed apart from authorised visits which need to be logged and approved via the Calendar and Managers.

Wellbeing Centres

The Wellbeing Centres have been pushed back into Phase 2 until further notice. We may find out more next week from North Tyneside Council who have arranged a meeting with all Day Service Providers. I know that part of the call will be to demonstrate how to use PPE effectively.

Please be mindful that whilst we have been well versed in the use of PPE throughout the pandemic, other providers have yet to embrace this brave new world.

Phase 2 means the centres remain closed and the staff and volunteers support customers at home.

Extra Care Housing

The Extra Care Housing Schemes are now open for visitors with new controls in place. We have insisted on additional controls being implemented this week, which include the Social Landlords taking responsibility for additional cleaning in communal areas including gardens.

We have asked all visitors to record their visit to allow us to track and trace in the event of someone showing signs of C19. All Visitors must wear a face mask at all times.

I would encourage care staff within the Schemes to be confident and challenge if they see anyone not following the new guidance and if necessary report it to your Team Leaders or Manager.

Dementia Connections

Betty Lucas, our Lead Admiral Nurse recently wrote an article for Dementia UK .

Our Dementia Connections Team has been extremely busy during the pandemic and report some quite harrowing stories. Where you can let people know that we have this service to support families and carers who are living with dementia.

Customer Consultation

Our teams across EveryDay and Age UK North Tyneside are currently carrying our a customer consultation exercise. We want to better understand how our customers would like to have their services deliered in the future and if they’d like to see any changes to service provision. We will be co-ordinating a response in the next few weeks which will inform our decision making process.

EveryDay Homes

The prestigious new housing development’s website lanched this week .

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