End Loneliness- a personal perspective.

I am currently a Personal Support Assistant for EveryDay Care the social enterprise wholly owned by the charity Age UK North Tyneside and I first hand see the conditions that people live in and the budget that they have.

Many of the people I support have no family, friends or a way of even getting out and about. Sometimes they are living in accommodation that isn’t acceptable for their needs with minimal support and for us there is nothing we can do but provide the best care we can while we are there.

Loneliness is a killer and these people have helped shape our country to help fight wars, fight for independence, fight for women’s rights, worker’s rights and over all human rights.

They have voted for your government to take care of them like they have for all of us and in return they are not even entitled to a tiny bit of gratitude.

Convicted criminals get to watch TV, earn money and benefits for committing crimes to innocent people but what about the innocent pensioners who have helped shape the world where we live and get nothing?

Are you accounting for the money they spend on care call, home care, social interaction at a St. John’s ambulance or a wellbeing centre this is the only interaction they may have all week or month?

Do we spend our lives working and paying taxes and fighting for our county to be forgotten about when we reach a certain age and are considered no use to some people?

Well I can tell you first hand these people are more use than most of us will ever be. There is so much to learn if you listen. It is a pleasure and a privilege to say I care for these people.

I value every day I get to spend with them listening to their wisdom and making a difference. I wish you would look beyond profit and see into lives of people you could be effecting.


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Charmaine McCabe

EveryDay Care, Cedar Grove Wellbeing Centre


Please take a look at Age UK North Tyneside’s Switched Off campaign page.






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