EveryDay meets Jo Jingles!

Since August, EveryDay has been working in partnership with Jo Jingles, the UK’s largest provider of fun and interactive music, singing and movement sessions, within our Wellbeing Centres and Extra Care Schemes in North Tyneside.

The intergenerational musical sessions have been going down so well with our customers, the parents and the young ones! We spoke to Lindsay who runs the sessions to find out more.

Meet Lindsay and her Jo Jingles sessions…

Lindsay has been working at Jo Jingles for four years, after taking her own daughter to the classes from when she was only 4 months old. She was initially a Class Teacher and is now the Franchise Owner for the area.

“My favourite part of the job is meeting all the lovely people who come along to the classes” explained Lindsay, “I get to go to a wide variety of settings including nurseries, childminders and now your Wellbeing Centres”.

So what do the Jo Jingles intergenerational sessions involve?

The intergenerational sessions in our Wellbeing Centres are a little bit different from a normal Jo Jingles session as they are adapted for all of the different generations coming together. They run for 30 minutes and incorporate lots of traditional songs and nursery rhymes that the older generation will know from singing to their own children.

Lindsay described what the intergenerational sessions are like: “We play lots of instruments, use props like pompoms and ribbons, and of course, there’s always the old favourite of bubbles. Today we even used a giant scrunchie which connected everybody in the room together. At the end of the session, we have a chat over tea and biscuits all together and there’s obviously lots of cuddles from the little ones too”.

And what are the benefits of these intergenerational sessions?

“I think there’s benefits for everybody who comes along to these sessions. Obviously for the older generation, it’s a good chance for them to see babies and young children, especially as their grandchildren may be older now or they might not have family around them” revealed Lindsay, “It’s this idea of bringing community together, especially as these people wouldn’t normally come together as part of day to day life”.

There are also lots of movements involved in the sessions, such as big stretches with the instruments, gentle movements, clapping and waving. This means there is a focus on motor skills for all ages. The different songs sang in the session also may unlock memories for the older generation from when they were younger. For dementia patients especially, research has revealed that the power of music can kickstart the grey matter and reach parts of the damaged brain in ways other forms of communication cannot.

And how is everybody reacting to the intergenerational sessions?

Lindsay explained that “everyone is absolutely loving the sessions and everybody’s joining in. It’s something different for the customers”.

The parents and young children are also loving the sessions. Lindsay said there have been lots of positive comments and people are spreading the word about Jo Jingles at EveryDay Wellbeing Centres.

So how can you get involved?

To learn more about our Wellbeing Centre services, contact us on 0191 287 7028.

To bring your little ones along to a Jo Jingles session at one of our Centres, contact Lindsay on 07503 919452 or email lindsayjojingles@yahoo.co.uk.





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