We regularly receive praise and thanks from our customers , their carers and families. We wanted to share this expression of gratitude.

“Dear Kerry

I feel, once again, the need to contact you and express my gratitude and thanks for all the hard work, dedication and commitment shown by Age UK North Tyneside and the Dementia Connections team.

14 years down the line looking after mum with dementia has certainly been a massive learning curve for me, second to only bringing up children!

I still thank God every night in my prayers for ever being put in touch with Age UK North Tyneside Dementia Connections services and of course Linskill Wellbeing Centre. More recently we were introduced to Lynsey from the office, and her phone calls to ‘check up’ on us occasionally are such a wonderful ‘pick me up’, thank you so much for this very meaningful part of the services.

Reiteratively, I feel I must affirm my gratitude for the wellbeing centre and its staff.  Please do not underestimate my words when I say I really do not know where mum and/or myself would be at this time without, firstly mum being able to attend the centre, and secondly, myself being able to depend on the expertise, professionalism and empathy of your staff.

I feel sometimes their roles are taken very much for granted insofar as a lot of people think ‘it is just a job’, but being lucky enough to volunteer and have a little bit of insight into their individual roles I can honestly say I have nothing but huge admiration for the way they carry out their duties.

They have all been paramount in this excruciatingly frustrating journey me and mum are on, and have given us so much joy and self worth along the way I can honestly say I feel like they are all part of our family. Twice over the last year I have thought I would be arranging a funeral, but with the help of the wellbeing team,  we literally brought mam back from the brink.

Mum certainly relates more to Janice, Emma, Susan, Tracy, and Kev,  than most of our relatives. Just a fact of life.  It seems like you have a really effective balance having a male carer on the team and they all work so well together the wonderful fun and happy atmosphere they create is truly infectious, on both the customers and their carers. To say they go above and beyond is certainly an understatement. Janice’s professionalism instils a huge confidence to all concerned and certainly puts our minds to rest leaving our loved ones in their care.

May I now address the EveryDay community carers. With the best will in the world I can understand how it is an almost impossible task to keep everyone happy at all times, working with such an ever changing work environment. Notwithstanding this the girls persist with a gracious and positive attitude.

They make such a huge difference to an otherwise draining existence. Mum really lights up when they come into her bedroom each morning. The half hour wash and dress call we get really makes all the difference to the start of our day.  Again, although they must all be congratulated for the wonderful job they do there is one carer in particular, Trish Bowan, who stands out.

It is obvious that this is more than just a job for Trish, it is a true vocation. She is the epitome of professionalism, whilst being kind, compassionate and so thorough. She is a true gem.

Of course, I realise these services only run as well as they do because of the huge team behind the scenes as well.

Thank you seems such an inadequate phrase, but if possible please portray my gratitude to as many of your staff as possible. You are all really making an immense difference, for the better, to so many peoples lives.

Yours sincerely

Sheila Hall (and mum Sheila)”

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