Mrs and Mrs Y first contacted Age UK North Tyneside in June 2017. The couple had been working closely with a dedicated Admiral Nurse as part of Age UK’s specialist Dementia Team Service. Originally Mrs Y’s request was for someone to sit with her Husband who has Alzheimer’s allowing her to undertake the weekly grocery shop. Her immediate requirement was for respite support for herself and to provide him with some conversation, interaction and stimulation in her absence.

Age UK’s Information and Advice Team provided the couple with a benefit check to ensure that they were in receipt of the benefits they were entitled to then a member of the Customer Coordination Team visited to chat about their individual requirements and how Age UK and EveryDay might support them. The full range of Charity and EveryDay Services were explained to the couple in the comfort of their own home.

The EveryDay Living service was quickly set up in July allowing Mrs Y a much needed weekly break. She commented “The two hours break I get is important to me, I can concentrate on what I’m doing and not have to worry.”

Mrs Y said of her Husband “With dementia he forgets a lot but he is happy in the short term, he is happy to see them (Tracey & Phil) and to go out with them. Tracey is lovely, bouncy and cheerful. Phil has a caring personality and great rapport .”
“Continuity is everything where dementia is involved. It’s good to know it’s only two people coming now and I like that we’re told if it will change or if they can’t make it for any reason”
“They (Tracey & Phil) both asked if there was anything they needed to know which I think is important and I really appreciated. It shows that they put 110% in”

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