Wellbeing & Social Activity Centres

Our three wellbeing and social activity centres located in Killingworth, North Shields and Wallsend provide a varied programme of weekly activities. They offer stimulation, light exercise, social activities and so much more. Our customers form new friendships and maintain vital skills in a relaxed, informal but safe environment.


Betty Crosier is 81 years of age and attends Rowan Croft Wellbeing and Social Activity Centre on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Betty’s daughter Michelle wrote to EveryDay recently.

Thank You

“Firstly we would like to express how much we appreciate everything you do for our Mother. We have noticed a huge difference.

Mum took some encouragement to attend the centre after a change in management but we continued to encourage her to attend. We thought it would be good for her mental health to get away from her own four walls and interact with people her own age and in a similar situation to her own.

Instant Improvement

We’ve seen an instant improvement in Mum’s demeanour as she seems so much happier day to day, as well as shattered both physically and mentally at the end of each day.

You and your team have transformed her mental wellbeing which is why we increased the visits to twice each week. Mum now has structure to those days and looks forward to her visits (which was not the case previously).

Betty’s Busy Schedule

As you know Tuesdays are her bath days with lunch and an activity/games afterwards. Thursdays consist of activities/games and entertainment as well as  lunch. When Mum returns home (between yawns) she is full of what she has been up to and it is great to hear her laugh.

Varied Activities

The different activities that you and your team provide are exceptional.  I know what activities Mum has taken part in, or enjoyed watching others take part in, a range of activities-she has loved the singing and playing of instruments, the singers you get in to entertain them, baking cakes, knitting, crocheting, arts and crafts, films to name but a few.


Please keep up the great work and if we can assist with anything please do get in touch.

Yours Sincerely

Michelle Ahern (nee Crosier) on behalf of the Crosier family

EveryDay is different when we care

EveryDay provides a range of services within it’s wellbeing centre provision they include:

  • podiatry
  • hairdressing
  • assisted bathing & showering
  • pet therapy
  • speacialist dementia care
  • live music
  • interactive social gatherings
  • Maintaining Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
  • Personal driver service
  • hot, freshly prepared meals
  • seated and light exercise sessions
  • board games- not bored games
  • knitting clubs
  • baking & cooking
  • a place to build relationships and grow confidence

If you would like to take a look at any of our three wellbeing centres for you or a loved one we can offer a free taster session. Why not give our Customer Co-ordination team a call to book a taster visit with EveryDay Wellbeing Tel:0191 2877028 option 2

If you would like to consider our exceptional wellbeing experience and are concerned about cost we can provide a free benefit check to ensure that you are in receipt of all eligible benefits.    Give the team a call Tel:0191 2808484 Option 1


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