Our New World

Having reviewed the latest Government Guidance we are not making any immediate changes to services. We will introduce some additional controls. As we are entering Phase 4, which does mean we will be opening up more services in a safe,  planned and phased way.

Staff Absence

Staff absence rate remain between 5-7%. However, we have seen the number of staff reporting the need to self- isolate increasing this week. This has not been related to the work environment. Staff have been reminded that if they feel unwell that they must contact their Line Manager before even thinking about coming into work (even if it’s a cold).

Service Update

Wellbeing Centres

All care services continue to operate face to face essential services, including the Wellbeing Centres with increased controls in place.

These services are constantly monitored by North Tyneside Council who regularly review our Risk Assessments. Furthermore, North Tyneside Council this week inspected Linskill Park Wellbeing Centre and we are pleased to report out of 40 categories tested we had one recommendation, which was that all staff watch the NTC Video for “donning and doffing PPE”, which we addressed immediately.

Newcastle Care Provision

Allerdale House, Newcastle  is planned to open on 5 October 2020, with 14 customers ready to move in in the first week.

The Bradbury Centre

Our HQ building remains open to the public Monday to Friday 10 am to 2 pm with a ‘one in one out’ system for customers, we must remember that most contact with customers is via telephone and therefore numbers are very low, even then we will offer a telephone appointment to follow up.

The Customer Service and Information and Advice Teams will have staff available in the Bradbury Centre Monday to Friday at the times noted above

Track & Trace

All business premises must, from 24.09.2020 display a poster with a QR Code to track and trace visitors to their premises. We have this signage in place. We are encouraging all staff members to download the new NHS Covid-19 App and add themselves for ease.

Phase 4

Our 2020 strategy ended on 31 March 2020 and we were about the launch of our new 2025 strategy when C19 hit. As a result we had to put this on hold. We immediately implemented our C19 Plan which included Four Phases:

  • Phase 1- Prepare for paperless and move to digital working
  • Phase 2- Consult and engage with customers on their needs and aspirations post lockdown
  • Phase 3- Prepare and re-design services for the new world
  • Phase 4- Implement changes to commence our new world


As reported last week we are about to move into Phase 4, our new world, where we will align what our customers and staff have told us during the consultation and engagement phases with the new 2025 strategy. We would like to focus on the most immediate changes next week our CE will communicate with staff what we are striving to achieve with our new strategy.


Winter is coming

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