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Another week ends with great progress made across our Group services

Staff  Update

Staff absence is down to 6% with no staff absent with C19 symptoms or in isolation, the only absence we have is “none” C19. We can also report 9 staff have now been tested for the virus to date, with 1 out of these 9 confirmed with C19, now recovered.

 Customer Update

We are down to 1 Customer reporting symptoms of C19, we pray they come through and fully recover from this.

Road Map Back To The ‘New Normal’

We intend to communicate our plans for changes to lockdown, after the Prime Minister’s announcement on 10.05.2020.

Phased Approach

To outline how we will approach the easing of lockdown we have identified four phases as follows:

Phase 1- As we are, supporting customers as we have been doing so, with staff being asked, on a rota basis, to prepare their work areas for our new ways of working and to cleanse all customer data. This will be the Phase we move into next week which essentially means we continue as we are. The reason for this is to remain locked down until we see the impact of any changes the Government makes. We deliver services to older people who are high risk and therefore we cannot take the risk of removing any of the controls we have in place, yet. This includes visitors to our Extra Care Housing Schemes which will remain locked down until further notice. The North East is just moving through the peak of the virus now, unlike London and other areas down south, so we must continue to be extra vigilant.

We will communicate when we are ready to move to Phase 2 .

Phase 2- Consultation and Engagement, all services will  move to engaging and consulting with our customers to discuss what changes to services they would like to see, if any.

Phase 3- Planning for our New World where training, equipment needs etc will be identified and actioned to reflect changes to service delivery as informed by our customers, funders etc. new strategic priorities. Performance targets will be identified and management tools updated. Whilst the essence of our work will continue as before we will be delivering in a different way, hence this phase to allow time to adapt our ways of working.

Phase 4- Our New World, we start to deliver in the new world.

These phases have not been timed, yet, they will evolve naturally from one phase to another. The detailed plans prepared by our Heads of Service reflect these four phases.

In the news

Yvonne Probert, Head of Charity Services, has been exceptionally busy last week providing TV and radio interviews. The media was very interested to understand how our own Covid-19 response supported North Tyneside residents and customers.

A clip of one interview with BBC Look North .


Our Customers have enjoyed VE Day celebrations this week and although we’ve been in a lockdown situation that hasn’t stopped EveryDay providing a wonderful party atmosphere. In addition school children kindly provided a number of cards, drawings and letters to our customers across the borough for which they were very grateful.

Dementia Action Week

Next week is Dementia Action Week and our Dementia Connections Team led by Betty Lucas will be sharing advice and information about supporting loved ones at home especially during Covid-19.



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