Covid 19 Update On Service Provision

As you will appreciate both Age UK North Tyneside and EveryDay Care are working exceptionally hard to ensure the continued safety and good health of our customers, our key workers and charity staff.

Daily Bulletin

The senior management team is ensuring our staff are kept up to speed via a daily bulletin and we are sharing the content for our stakeholders across all of our social media platforms and websites.

Government Guidance

We will continue to follow the Government’s most recent advice and guidance and for clarification here is some information as we do appreciate that it can become very confusing for us all.

Firstly, the following three terms and what they mean, these terms are the key controls being implemented across the country to limit the spread of Covid 19:

  • Social distancing, we are strongly advised to significantly limit face-to-face interaction with friends and family if possible, particularly if you are over 70, have an underlying health condition, or are pregnant. We are also advised to maintain a distance of 2 metres away from each other
  • Social isolation means isolating at home if you have Covid 19 symptoms. The guidance is, if you have Covid 19 symptoms you must stay at home for 7 days and if someone in your household has Covid 19 symptoms then you must remain at home for 14 days
  • Shielding, who should do it? Those most at risk will receive letters or text messages from the NHS strongly advising them not to go out for 12 weeks.

At Risk?

The people “at risk” include: solid organ transplant recipients, some people with cancer who are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, people on immunosuppression drugs, women who are pregnant and have heart disease, people with severe respiratory conditions – cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and COPD, some people with rare diseases such as severe combined immunodeficiency.

Full guidance on staying at home and away from others

Service Provision Update

In an effort to ensure that we keep customers and of course our staff fully up to speed with service provision here is a brief rundown on both Age UK North Tyneside and EveryDay service provision (as of today March 23rd 2020).

Bradbury Centre

  • We will close the Bradbury Centre to the public today
  • We have been monitoring those people visiting the Bradbury Centre and it is mainly customers coming in to pay cash for our services. Our Finance Team are contacting these customers to arrange alternative means of payment.
  • Bradbury Centre staff will move to work 10 am to 3pm each day, to allow staff to travel whilst practicing social distancing. Our telephone lines will remain open during this time. Tel: 0191 2877028 Option 2


EveryDay Care at Home

  • The service is running without any disruption. Extra control measures are in place.

EveryDay Extra Care Housing Schemes

  • The services are running without any disruption. Again extra control measures are already in place.
  • Social distancing is being applied for visitors and activities within these Schemes
  • Our Catering Team located at Edith Moffat House continues to produce soup and cake which will be distributed to those older people in most need. They also continue to deliver meals to customers across our Extra Care Housing Schemes where we have reverted to delivering the meals to the building and staff will deliver to customer’s flats rather than bringing customers together to eat.

EveryDay Wellbeing Centres

  • From tonight all three wellbeing centres will close. Unfortunately we cannot keep the centres open for carer relief because it is unsafe to do, as staff resources are most affected in this area.
  • All three centres will be deep cleaned and our team will work from Cedar Grove, Wallsend and co-ordinate their staff to support their customers in the community
  • Our customers have been contacted today to outline these new arrangements
  • Our Wellbeing staff will support the Extra Care Schemes by “shopping“ for customers

EveryDay Living

  • These services are running without any disruption

Customer Services located at the Bradbury Centre

  • The Customer Services Team will move to covering the telephones over 7 days with increased capacity 10:00-15:00 Tel: 0191 2877028 Option 2

Charity Services Update

Information & Advice Service

  • This team will continue with existing staff working from the Bradbury Centre offering telephone support only 10:00-15:00


  • Two staff are working from home to support this existing service by telephone

Admiral Nursing

  • This service continues to operate as an essential service for carer respite with limited home visits, the majority of customers will receive only a telephone support service
  • We will continue to co-ordinate the Admiral Nurses work from the Bradbury Centre 10:00-15:00

The following Services remain closed until further notice, staff have been redeployed to other services:

  • All social groups
  • All physical activity groups
  • Care Plus
  • Jarretts’

The following services are operating in a different way:

  • Strength and Balance, our trainers have reverted to maintaining contact with their customers, as well as promoting exercise links, developing videos and distributing exercise plans. Materials are available online via our YouTube channel, website and social media later this week.
  • Older Offenders, we are liaising with prison staff to support them to continue a level of activity for prisoners such as quizzes etc.
  • Dementia Connections Two staff are tasked with supporting the service’s customers who attend groups, an additional two staff have been redeployed to other services


Please be assured that we will make every effort to update all of our online information sources on a daily basis. Our Customer Service team are here to receive your calls and provide advice and guidance.


EveryDay thanks you for your understanding at what is a challenging time for us all.

Tel 0191 2877028 Option 2

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