Coronavirus & Local Services- Update

Following the most recent government advice EveryDay Care would like to update our customers on local service provision. Many of our customers also access Age UK North Tyneside services so we feel it’s appropriate to keep you well informed about changes as they happen.

We will continue to follow government advice and would encourage anyone wanting further information or guidance to use the following government website

Daily Website Updates

The Age UK North Tyneside website will be updated daily and we ask that all calls for information be directed to 0191 2808484 option 1.


The decision has been taken to stop all non-essential charity services, whilst we prioritise essential services for older people in North Tyneside.

  1. Services that will stop operating with immediate effect, and our supporting plans

Social and Physical Activity Groups

Customers have now received a letter informing them of the groups that will stop running until further notice

  1. Charity staff will contact those groups who would normally operate so they can inform them of the closures
  2. The letters included a post card asking if customers need Age UK North Tyneside continued help and support
  3. Charity staff will be redeployed to other essential and some new services.
  4. Charity staff will be liaising with partner organisations to inform them of these changes

Just some of the things we can help with are:

Shopping for essential items or urgent supplies

Dog walking

Friendly chat to reduce loneliness

Advice and guidance

Personal care and support

Infection control

Give our Customer Service Team a call Tel: 0191 2808484 Option 1

            Jarrett’s Community Café

  1. Jarrett’s Commuity Cafe is closed until further notice
  2. Age UK North Tyneside will redeploy their staff to essential service provision


            The following services will move to telephone support only

  1. Dementia Connections 0191 2877014
  2. Information & Advice 0191 2877028 Option 1
  3. Befriending 0191 2877013


            Service Provision Continues, following government guidance and additional control measures as necessary:

  1. Extra Care Housing
  2. We will endeavour to increase the activities within our housing schemes, depending on staff availability
  3. Kerry Parker, Head of Professional Care Services is liaising with the Landlords of each scheme to advise on visiting, we will communicate this when we know more but until then we will continue to follow government advice remembering our customers are in the higher risk category


  1. Care in the Community
  2. Nothing further to advise other than normal service provision continues and we will follow all advice for hand washing and use of PPE etc as well as our own guidelines


  1. Wellbeing Centres
  2. We are contacting customers before we make a final decision on whether we continue to remain open

1. EveryDay Living

  1. Nothing further to advise other than normal service provision does continue and again we’ll follow all advice for hand washing and use of PPE etc as well as our own internal policies


  1. Customer Services, including Head Office
  2. We are not closing the Bradbury Centre to older people or the general public
  3. We are howeve cancelling all non-essential meetings and reverting to telephone or virtual meetings

We plan to increase the staff supporting Customer Service telephone lines

Changes to Services

  1. Strength & Balance
  2. All courses have been cancelled with immediate effect
  3. Our Trainers will revert to maintaining contact with existing customers by sending out exercise sheets and developing short videos so customers can continue to exercise under their guidance
  4. Befriending
  5. We plan to increase capacity significantly by redeploying some of our staff to this service which will be a telephone service only
  6. We are also working with large companies who have offered their staff for telephone befriending.

  New Service Provision

  1. Shopping
  2. Our Customer Services Team will be taking “orders” from older people who need essential food shopping etc once we announce this service is available, which will be by the end of the week
  3. We are busy contacting supermarkets to make arrangements for a priority service for older people



  1. Our Customer Services Team will be taking “orders” from older people who need essential “cooked” food delivered to them

If you are in any doubt please do give our team a call. We are here to support you at this difficult time.

Tel: 0191 2808484 Option 1


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