Donna’s Story

We support Donna to allow her to do the things she loves & get her independence back

When 32-year-old Donna from Wallsend, faced a long hospital stay, she worried she’d never get her independence back. After more than seven months in hospital, it was tough coming home at first. We supported Donna to help her re-build her confidence so she could continue to enjoy all the things she loves.

Donna has had spina bifida since childhood. With her mobility seriously affected, Donna is in a wheelchair, but never lets her disability get in the way of living life to the full. She lives in a spacious home which has been specially adapted to support her needs and is always out and about with her friends and family, socialising and catching up on the latest entertainment.

For more than two years, her Personal Support Assistant, Lesley, has been visiting daily to help Donna get ready in a morning and support her personal care routine. They both enjoy chatting as Lesley does Donna’s hair and Donna puts on her make-up for the day ahead.

Life changed dramatically when Donna had to undergo a major operation related to her condition, resulting in a lengthy stay in hospital. Though Donna found it tough coming home and trying to get back into her usual routine, Lesley was by her side to support her every step of the way.

Donna says: “I was really enjoying life and having a great time, always seeing my friends, going to the cinema and spending time with family, but when I came out of hospital it was much harder to do the things I love.

“Lesley has been my support throughout, I trust her with everything. She’s like a best friend, even a sister to me. I felt so vulnerable when I came out of hospital, but with the care and support from Lesley, I feel like I’ve got my confidence back. She never lets me feel down about anything and showed me that even though I’d been through a lot, I could still do everything I’d done before. I’ve had other carers from other companies in the past, but I’ve never had anyone like Lesley. We’re about the same age too, which really helps.

“Every day Lesley comes in, helps me get ready and pick out the clothes I like. We chat about all sorts and I love it when she blow dries my hair and helps me look nice. We’re both Britain’s Got Talent fans and we’re always laughing about our favourite TV programmes and catching up about our friends and family.

“I’m absolutely certain that without Lesley’s support, I wouldn’t be back to my old self like I am today. She really does always go above and beyond and if I’m ever unsure of anything, I know I can just ask and she’ll reassure me. I feel very lucky to have such great, professional support around me and know that whatever is round the corner, I’m not on my own.”

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