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Kerry Parker

Head of EveryDay Care & Support

Kerry has a wealth of experience in care. There’s not one thing in the service Kerry hasn’t done and her background and training in Health and Social Care, as well as her genuine passion and commitment, have led to her becoming Head of EveryDay’s Care at Home Services. Her role includes overseeing the day-to-day running of EveryDay and supporting every customer and member of her team.

She’s a people person and believes that you cannot know your service without knowing the people who work for it.

 “It takes a really special person to become a care professional.”

“We recognise that and value it in every member of our team.

“Our team always look a little bit deeper to get to know the individual. We recognise that everyone has something special to give and by doing a couple of things and doing them well, you can really make someone’s life better.

“No two days are the same in this job. Sometimes it’s really tough, especially when we see first-hand some of the challenges people face on a daily basis. It’s our job to try and make those tough times a little easier. We also know it can be stressful for people letting someone new in, especially if they’re used to getting on with things. We always match our customers with a Personal Support Assistant they get along with and feel comfortable around. That’s really important.

“At EveryDay, we’re a team of fun, friendly people and there’s a great atmosphere and ‘can do’ attitude amongst all our staff. We enjoy our work immensely and we believe learning never stops and you should always keep improving. With that in mind, we offer our team ongoing training and development opportunities so they have room to grow on both a personal and professional level.

“If you’re someone who goes out of their way to care for others and have a genuine empathy for people around you, the care profession might just be for you. We also need people willing to undertake practical tasks with genuine enthusiasm and dedication. Our aim is to be your employer of choice!”

Kerry was awarded the Registered Care Home Manager award at the British Care Awards regional final in July 2021.

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