Sonya Roe

Sonya Roe

Marketing Manager & Business Development Manager

I am the Marketing & Business Development Manager at EveryDay Care my role involves managing a team of customer service professionals, who provide our customers with access to our vast range of services.

I’m responsible for ensuring that the customer’s experience with us is an excellent one. I advocate on behalf of the customer to ensure their journey with us is exemplary. By understanding their needs, circumstances and situation, we can match our services appropriately. My role also involves promoting the excellent work that we do .

Before joining EveryDay, I worked within international trade on behalf of North East companies looking to secure business overseas, specifically in China. Overcoming a communication barrier can be challenging, but this can be made simpler by improving your listening skills. Customer service is my passion and I am a proud member of the Institute of Customer Service.

My dad had Alzheimer’s so I know how it feels to ‘walk in the shoes’ of many of our customers. What makes my role special, is when we’ve receive an extremely positive evaluation from one of our customers – it lifts us all up and that’s when the job, isn’t just a job, it’s a pleasure.

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