EveryDay Care Service Update 31.07.2020

Staff Absence & Testing

We have enjoyed another productive week across the organisation with staff absence increasing to 7% early in the week and then decreasing to 5%.

There are no reports of staff or customers with C-19 symptoms. The number of staff and customers being tested has increased. Thankfully they have all tested negative.

Absence Tracker

We take the potential threat of a second wave very seriously which is why we would like to confirm some new ways of working.We want to encourage everyone to uphold the controls we have in place.

The Leadership Team update an Absence Tracker every day to assess staff capacity across all our services and redeploy staff if necessary.

We use this tool in situations where we invoke our emergency plans. We now, largely, have all staff back in their substantive roles and staff absence remains low.

Public Health Monitoring

The Leadership Team have started to monitor, through Public Health information, the number of C-19 cases in the immediate local area to our services.

We are doing this so we can protect our staff, volunteers and customers for example by locking down a service quickly if there is a spike in reported cases in the locale.

This information will be reported in the Absence Tracker daily. We will alert staff if we feel it is necessary to lock down services. We are recommending that staff play their part and inform Line Managers if they are aware of any increases in cases in their neighbourhood.

Phase 3 update

We remain in Phase 3 of our Exit Plan, with the Wellbeing Centres in Phase 2. The Bradbury Centre HQ remains closed to visitors but open to staff for essential work only. Our Extra Care Housing Schemes are open to visitors with additional controls in place.

Other news this week:

Wellbeing Centres

Wellbeing Centres,

We plan to re-open on 10 August 2020. We are delaying the re-opening until all customer Risk Assessments have been reviewed and signed off by Social Workers and other senior staff within North Tyneside Council.

Customer Consultation

The Leadership Team has started to review the feedback from customers through our consultation exercise. We agreed to extend the consultation and engagement period until 31 August to allow us to hit at least a 50% return target.

Overseas Holiday Policy

The Leadership Team yesterday clarified our policy around annual leave where holidays have been booked overseas and the impact of the rules around quarantine. These have been shared internally.

Congratulations are in order

We are delighted to announce we have again maintained the ISO9001:2015 standard following our assessment over the last 10 days. Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the assessment.


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