March 19th Chief Executive’s Update

Dear Customer, Team member or Volunteer,

Each day brings a different challenge and just as I announce changes there are more changes being planned. The Leadership Team here at Age UK North Tyneside and EveryDay Care continue to meet daily with me to keep planning, supporting and advising customers, staff, volunteers and partners on our priorities.

We are doing just fine, everyone is stepping up to the challenges we face and we are collectively showing how responsive we are as an organisation.

Today, we are largely as we were yesterday, the BIG news last night was that schools will close on Friday evening until further notice.

Key Workers

However, there are exceptions to this for those staff who are classed as “key” workers. These “key” workers are those that are needed to continue to work in what are “essential” services.

Staff working in social care are classed as “key workers” and therefore these workers can still send their children to school so they can continue to work.

Age UK North Tyneside and EveryDay Care staff can therefore continue to send children to school next week, and thereafter unless advised otherwise.

There is no change to services planned for today or tomorrow, but this may change so please keep our social media platforms and our websites.

It is great to see our supermarkets offering protected times for older people and their carers, if you need more information please see the details on our websites.

We have also been advised that restrictions on concessionary bus passes and Metro cards are to be lifted allowing customers to shop in that ‘golden hour’ so many stores are making available to them.

Whilst our physical health is important let’s not forget our mental health, it is a time when we all will feel anxious, scared or uncertain at some point.

To support us all to maintain  good mental health we have uploaded some guidance on our websites and staff portal.

Some people will be worried about their financial situation, if this is a worry that you do have please read the guidance we have uploaded to our websites and staff portal.

Our Information and Advice team is here to support you Tel :0191 2808484 Option 1

Stay safe , we are all in this together.

Dawn McNally

Chief Executive





Until tomorrow, stay safe and remember you are not on your own we are all in this together.


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