Covid 19 & Vaccine Roll Out Update

What a way to start this new  year with a number of our frontline, key workers lining up today for their C19 vaccines. This has been a happy and emotional day for us all at EveryDay Care & Support.

Our daily statistics are incredible, staff absence is at 4%, and we have no staff absent from work with Covid 19. We have 7 staff in isolation which includes 6 staff who are medically shielding.

Our customers, thankfully, remain safe and well, and we have no customers reported with C19, no one showing symptoms and no recorded deaths from C19.

Those staff who support customers face to face now complete a home test weekly. They will report immediately if they are positive to their Line Manager . We can make then make arrangements for the service they provide to continue seamlessly. This is a key control to keep our staff and customers safe, a significant responsibility for us all.

The designated testing days are “Happy Wednesday” and “Happy Thursday”. So far we have had 1 staff member receive a positive test whilst showing no symptoms, this demonstrates the value of carrying out these tests every week. If we had not, then this staff member could have been spreading the virus without knowing whilst at work caring for our customers.

Our customers in Extra Care Housing will start this month to have their monthly C19 test, and to lighten the mood we will be encouraging customers to do their test with the staff on the “Happy Wednesday” and “Happy Thursday” of that month.

Health Needs Assessment

All staff are being encouraged by our Better Health At Work team to complete their Health Needs Assessment Survey. Through our work with the Better Health at Work initiative, we are committed to promoting positive health and wellbeing for all.  To do this we consult with staff regularly to find out what issues are important to them regarding their health and wellbeing.



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