Wearing Purple and Growing Old Disgracefully

Katie is a regular customer at Cedar Grove Wellbeing Centre in Wallsend she is 67 years old this year and says “when I reached fifty I decided to wear purple and grow old disgracefully after reading a book about women reaching maturity”

Katie’s Own Story

Katie explains that several life events had coloured her thoughts on life and had taken her to dark places for many years. She found herself struggling to accept or come to terms with the long term results and the subsequent changes in her life. After long periods in hospital due to various illness and falls Katie’s family sought support and specialist care within Cedar Grove’s Wellbeing Centre in Wallsend.

Katie’s Situation

Katie found herself as a result of her prolonged hospital stay lacking in confidence, unable to remember things, with diminished social skills, an inability to focus and concentrate or do the things she’d managed historically like sewing, drawing, reading and writing.

Her Personal Support Assistant at Cedar Grove encouraged Katie to start to draw again, they began with simple landscape drawings and encouraged Katie to join in with the social groups who were making cards, baking and doing craft and sewing hobbies.

She admits that she “still has dark days, physically and mentally” where her mobility can be selective. Some days Katie struggles to walk unaided or rise from a chair but she sets herself small goals with the intention of a wish list. She hopes to book a cruise and dance freely one day.

Katie says “thank you to the Cedar Grove staff for making my life worth living once again”

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