Weekly Update on Service Provision

In an effort to ensure that all of our stakeholders remain informed of any updates and changes in service provision we will continue to share a weekly update .


PPE no problem

Our order of PPE has arrived so all of our stock has been replenished which is great news for both team and customers alike. We anticipate another delivery on April 4th.

Staff Update

The number of staff absent with COVID-19 symptoms has decreased and the number of those who are self-isolating has also fallen. There has been no interruption to service provision across North Tyneside.

Customer Update

We have three customers sadly reporting COVID-19 symptoms, although one of these has been in hospital for a long period of time so has not contracted the virus from the extra care scheme where they would usually reside.

Another of our customers is supported usually by the Dementia Connections service and this customer is now in hospital.

The third customer would have normally used our wellbeing centre service.

Our thoughts are with our customers and their families at this difficult time.

Enquiry Support

Our Customer Service team is still delivering over 7 days of the week. The queries received are largely for information, advice and guidance, essential shopping, telephone befriending and people wanting to volunteer with us.

The team triages the enquiry and refers into service providers across North Tyneside. VODA are co-ordinating a sector wide response to COVID-19 with North Tyneside Council and we have committed to taking all referrals for older people.

Website Updates

There is a vast amount of detail on our webpages which we know from the analytics are being utilised. Views and users have increased quite dramatically due to COVID-19 issues


All services running are operating normally and without any disruption. We delivered a number of leaflets to local sheltered housing schemes this week to offer essential support to the most vulnerable who may be self-isolating or shielding.

The leaflet briefly outlines the essential services were are running which include, telephone befriending, essential shopping, emergency food and information, advice and guidance.

We have a number of volunteers going through the registration process who will be ready to support these services.

At the moment we have capacity within our staff teams to support an increase in demand.


All referrals continue to be directed to the main telephone line Telephone 0191 2808484


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